Art term paper outline

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Art term paper outline

Use the find function of your browser to search for a particular term. Go home bit Video A type of video signal available on the Macintosh platform that allows the display of There are 8-bits of video data for each of the colors.

Either around the computer display or the area where proofs are examined. Variations in ambient light can greatly affect the appearance of proofs and of the image on the computer display Archiving Data The act of keeping a copy of valuable projects on another storage device to make room for new work.

Backing-up Data The act of making a carbon copy of current work as a safeguard against equipment malfunction.

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Data is backed-up on various storage materials ranging from Floppy Disks to storage tapes Baud Rate A way of expressing the speed of a Modem in bits per second. A number such as baud means that the Modem has the ability to send and receive data at the rate of bits per second.

CD-ROM technology was born in the music industry and has recently gathered tremendous popularity in the computer industry. Computer A multi-function electronic device that can execute instructions to perform a task. Control Panel A part of the operating system that allows the user to control various facets of their computers performance.

For example, there is a control panel that adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse, and another that lets the user adjust the time on the built-in clock. The central brain of a computer that controls all other parts of the computer.

Using Digital Audio Tapes in 60, 90 or meters length they are capable of storing from 1. Data The general term for the work that we create with our computers and store on a disk. Digital Video A term referring to moving pictures that are stored on a computer hard disk for editing or playback.

Digital video files vary in terms of their image size measured in horizontal and vertical pixels and their frame rate measured in frames per second. Document The general term for the work that we create with our computers and store on a disk.

Dye Sublimation Color Printer A color printer that creates color output that looks like a photograph. While using CMYK dyes, there is no halftone pattern to hide detail. Extension A part of Macintosh system software that adds specific functions to the computer.

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An example would be the File Sharing extension that allows networking capabilities to be added to the Mac. File A piece of information stored on a computer disk. A memo would be considered a file and so would a word processing software program.

Art term paper outline

We use the terms "document" and "program" to distinguish between different types of files. File Compression Software Utility software that will allow computer files to be stored in a fraction of their un-compressed state. Most useful when transmitting data on long distance telephone lines with a modem to reduce toll charges.

Floppy Disk A round shaped piece of magnetic plastic in a protective holder that can be used to store computer files. Folder An organizational aid on a Macintosh hard disk. Like manila folders in the office, Mac folders allow a user to group related files together. It is possible to create folders within folders to create an efficient storage system.

Imagine a folder called "projects" containing a folder called "artwork" and another folder called "layouts. There are numerous hard drives available today that have storage capacities of over "a gig.

All computers today will have hard drives that are used to store both programs and data documents created by the user. Ink-Jet Color Printer A type of color printer that uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink that is sprayed through small nozzles onto the page. Available across the entire price spectrum from under a thousand dollars for machines for home use to many thousands of dollars for machines that create the highest quality color hardcopy attainable.To write about art, you need to follow the latest tendencies.

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Introduction to notation. Music is a time-art; music consists of sound and silence, performed by musical notation therefore, symbols for both sound and silence are employed, set to a reading basis representing the flow of time. APPENDIX I: WRITING THE PAPER.

Art term paper outline

The Writing Process: 1. Know what the assignment is! The 19th century is not the same as the s and a painting is not a sculpture. Read the assignment carefully and ask questions before you begin work.

Art history research paper writing is a very complex process. You should start with gathering materials for your research paper. After .

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