Blues and jazz influence paper

Rhythm and Blues Music: Surging employment during World War II accelerated the migration of the rural poor to cities and helped create a younger, more urban black audience. By the decade-long dominance of swing music was fading, but the demand for exciting dance music remained.

Blues and jazz influence paper

History of Western Music: You seem to feel that it is cheap, vulgar, momentary. It is influencing our work. Yet, as Ravel stated, many European composers caught on to the new musical possibilities presented in jazz and began to seriously study the music, allowing it to influence their work.

This period of transcontinental musical influence produced incredible musical innovations and ushered in the new, modern century. The ending cadence which goes from subdominant to tonic with an added sixth is often found in jazz.

The use of chromaticism, syncopated rhythms, and the dominant throughout the piece are not only common of minstrel music but are wholly characteristic of jazz. Amadeus Press, Ravel often used seventh, ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords — chords often used in jazz — in his works.

Blues and jazz influence paper

Cambridge University Press, Yale University Press, As the piece continues, the two instruments oscillate between playing either the marching beats in the piece or the expressive blue-tinged lines.

The Spanish sound of the piece was probably also inspired by jazz, as Spanish musical elements have been present in jazz since its inception. In addition to championing jazz in his compositional works, Ravel also immersed himself in the Parisian and American jazz scenes and encouraged jazz musicians, who were likewise influenced by his music.

Like Debussy, Stravinsky was fascinated and inspired by ragtime early on, and this fascination culminated in his piece Ragtime For Eleven Instruments. Stravinsky wrote in his autobiography that his goal with this piece was to 8 Follett, Christopher. In addition, the cimbalom dulcimer is played in such a way that it mimics the sound of a banjo and hearkens back to American folk music and minstrel traditions.

Stravinsky later began writing pieces specifically for jazz bands such as the Preludium For Jazz Band, partly written while in Paris in December and partly written in New York during a American visit.

This made the piece challenging for the Herman orchestra to fully grasp and revealed that the piece is probably better suited for a 10 Stravinsky, Igor, An Autobiography New York: Oxford University Press, The Development of Jazz,New York: The story of jazz is a prime example of a popular music style once considered trite that has been elevated in stature, a model of which other popular music styles may follow in the future.

Music in the 20th Century from Debussy through Stravinsky. Cambridge University Press, Craft, Robert, and Igor Stravinsky. Conversations with Igor Stravinsky. Accessed May 1, Accessed May 3, Biography and Notes on the Music.

Time- Life Records, The Life of a Jazzman. Oxford University Press, Yale University Press, The Piano Music of Claude Debussy. Classical Piano Music and the Jazz Vocabulary. The Development of Jazz, A myriad of other examples of the Blues’ awesome influence on music today, including jazz, could be cited.

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The Blues has always been a genre of music with a FEELING. The term jazz encompasses early New Orleans Dixieland jazz, the big band music of the swing era, bebop, Latin jazz, fusion, acid jazz, funk, hip hop, and of course, the blues.

In the early part of the 20th century jazz and blues quickly spread up the Mississippi and all across the country and became the popular music of the day. Dallas-born T-Bone Walker is often associated with the California blues style, which is smoother than Chicago blues and is a transition between the Chicago blues, the jump blues and swing with some jazz-guitar influence.

Early rock grew mainly out of _____, a dance music of African Americans that fused blues, jazz, and gospel styles. rhythm and blues A folk-like, guitar-based style associated with rural white Americans is .

Blues and jazz influence paper

Jazz and Blues The blues is considered to be the single greatest musical influence on the development of jazz. From its earliest beginnings as it evolved from music heard in the Mississippi Delta roughly. Essay on Influence Of Jazz On The Genre Of Blues And Ragtime - Contributions to Jazz Jazz, being art itself, cannot be culturally or stylistically be defined by one or two characteristics.

In this paper, I will argue that the development of jazz was mainly contributed by the genre of blues and ragtime.

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