Botany of a city essay

As biology is an extremely broad subject, it has once been divided into fields, which cover lives of different species that are much easier to study separately. Hence, all disciplines that study plants, their growth, and development have been combined to form the science called botany. Botany is one of the oldest studies known to humanity.

Botany of a city essay

In this essay we will learn about root. After reading this essay you will learn about: Introduction to Root Systems 2. Regions of the Root 3. Introduction to Root Systems: The whole extent of the roots of a plant is called the root system. The development of the root system differs fundamentally in vascular plants and may be classified in two categories: The tap root system and 2.

Botany of a city essay

The fibrous root system. The tap root system is normally found in dicotyledons and gymnosperms whereas the fibrous root system is commonly met with in monocotyledons. If it persists and continues to grow it is called the tap root.

The tap root produces lateral branches which are known as the secondary roots, and these in turn produce the tertiary roots, and so on. All these lateral roots are produced in acropetal succession, i. The tap root normally grows vertically downwards to a shorter or longer depth while the secondary or tertiary roots grow obliquely downwards or in many cases horizontally outwards.

The tap roots absorb water and mineral salts from the soil and give proper anchorage to the plant. The tap root system may be regarded as characteristic of dicotyledons.

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In monocotyledons the radicle also gives rise to the primary root, but this does not develop any further and soon perishes and is replaced by many thin roots developed from the base of the stem.

These are known as the fibrous roots. Such roots also develop from nodes of stems, as in sugarcane, bamboo and other grasses. Thus fibrous root system may be regarded as characteristic of monocotyledons.

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Regions of the Root: The tip of each root is covered by a protective root cap, a thimble-shaped covering of cells which fits over the rapidly growing meristematic region the calyptrogen. The outer part of the root cap is rough and uneven because its cells are constantly being worn away as the root pushes through the soil.

The growing point consists of actively dividing meristematic cells from which all the other tissues of the root are formed.

Botany of a city essay

The growing point also gives rise to new root cap cells to replace the ones worn away. Immediately behind the growing point is the zone of elongation, here the cells remain undifferentiated but grow rapidly in length by taking in large amounts of water.

The growing point is about 1 mm. Above the zone of elongation is the zone of maturation characterized externally by a downy covering of whitish root hairs.Botany of a City The story of each community can be determined by its plant life. Plant life can determine what will inhabit the area and what the economy will thrive on.

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