Cultural modesty

Description[ edit ] Tzniut includes a group of laws concerned with modesty of both dress and behavior.

Cultural modesty

And looking back, what has the US to show for its decade of effort?

Cultural Differences in Daily Social Interactions

Has it been winning the war on terror? It depends how it is measured. The killing of Osama Bin Laden was of course a major success.

Cultural modesty

But the cost of vengeance instead of justice has also been high: A further turn towards hatred and a rise in those who think most Muslims are terrorists, that Islam is a threat to the world, etc. Wars that have seen far more than the 3, deaths that the US saw, and a self-fulfilling prophecy; creating more anger and resentment against Cultural modesty US, more potential terrorists, and the complete opposite of what the neo-cons wanted; global downturn and US decline instead consolidating their power and position in the world.

Over 6, US soldiers killed in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Possibly times that number of civilians in those countries in Iraq, at an early point, there was an estimated range oftocivilian deaths, which of course Bush had to reject, claiming it used flawed techniques, even though it used estimation techniques his own government agencies taught others Cultural modesty use.

Al Qaeda appears to have largely succeeded in its hopes of accelerating the decline of U. That appears to be the strong consensus of the foreign-policy elite which, with only a few exceptions, believes that the administration of President George W.

Bush badly over-reacted to the attacks and that that over-reaction continues to this day. Meanwhile, various US actions in Iraq and elsewhere damaged its reputation around the world. The above summary also matches concerns raised further below in the section on Bush Losing the War on Terror which was written quite some time ago, so it did not have to take a decade to look back and see a change in course should have been possible.

But maybe the impact of the enormous cost this would have US tax payers have had to fork out trillions of dollars was somewhat unimaginable?

The costs have been staggering in almost every respect. The estimated three to 4. And while the U. By framing this as a war on terror which, as a concept can almost never endan excuse is now afforded to all governments to put in place tough security measured on any potentially flimsy basis.

Cultural modesty

And the predicted war on civil liberties and human rights has unfortunately proven true as human rights organizations around the world feared from the start of the war on terror as discussed further below. If the US public mood at the time was understandably full of anger and vengeance as well as shock and disbelief, it also reflects badly on US society that voices for more measured and appropriately calculated responses could be drowned out; an individual acting in a regrettable way due to a moment of anger is very different than an entire state apparatus that should have time to think things through more thoroughly doing that.

Maybe it could be argued that with hindsight it is easy to make these criticisms. Unfortunately, however, these concerns were there from the start, and re-iterated many times by many people and organizations during the past decade. But not all have wanted vengeance.

Many families of the victims of the atrocity have campaigned for a more peaceful approach to combating terrorism, for example. Accompanying this has been media propaganda, media manipulation, sensationalism, sound-bite journalism and all the various other problems that have minimized coverage of deeper issues and understanding while allowing various claims to go almost unchallenged.

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Some examples and links are presented further below. The rest of the article below started shortly after the attacks in and was updated a few times up to It barely covered any details but still showed these numerous concerns from so many people and organizations were already there and are still relevant.

Back to top Reaction to the September 11, events With disbelief and shock around the world people saw the news footage of the events on September 11, when the planes-turned-missiles slammed into the World Trade Center towers and into the Pentagon. What is probably the worst terrorist attack on the United States, was totally inexcusable and roundly condemned.

Some were killed. Initial fears were that it was over A number of factors for this revised number, were said to include initial overestimates; more than one person reporting the same missing person; heroic rescue operations, etc. The ghastly terrorist attacks led to a mixture of political, social and economic reaction around the world.

Hatred and anti-Islam sentiment, without distinguishing the despotic militants from ordinary Muslims increased, even though most of the Muslim communities around the world condemned this act.

While visible efforts were seen by politicians to try to separate terrorists from Muslims in general, it has not been easy. On the one hand, after years of economic and geopolitical historythere are some aspects of distrust, while on the other hand, extremists in the Muslim and Christian communities are adding to the antagonisms.

For example, during the height of the shock and anger to the September 11 attacks, extremist tendencies in the West resulted in beatings and even killings of Muslims.

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Others saw this as proof that Islam is inherently violent or that it is the primary threat to the rest of the world, etc.Culture has been aptly compared to an iceberg. Just as an iceberg has a visible section above the waterline and a larger, invisible section below the water line, so culture has some aspects that are observable and others that can only be suspected, imagined, or intuited.

Overview: This unit revolves around various cultural differences in daily social interactions across cultures, such as: offering an invitation, and the acceptance or decline of that invitation; entertaining guests; presenting and receiving gifts; offering and accepting compliments. In the early part of the 's swimwear was still pretty conservative, however fashion ideals began to change rather quickly in the mid 60's with the introduction of the bikini.

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The items that appear below are all features of culture. Keeping in mind that observable behaviors belong above the surface of the water, while the invisible aspects of culture belong below the surface, drag each feature to show whether it . Fashion is a big part of any Christian teen's life.

Yet, just as in every other part of our lives, discernment is important. Many fashion magazines promote low cut blouses .

Cultural Differences in Daily Social Interactions