Essay writing for students clanchy ballard

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Essay writing for students clanchy ballard

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When considering the university environment, quite distinct ideas of what that entails are commonly imagined. Generally, universities are considered repositories of knowledge ready for students to access. But as Hobsonpar. This essay argues that students at university are required to recognise and adopt a specifically academic worldview, identified by describable features which facilitate university learning.

Firstly, this essay will examine how culture influences worldview and potential conflicts that may arise for a university student when adjusting to the academic worldview. It will then explore the intrinsic connection between communication and worldview and finally, this essay will discuss how learning certain thinking skills contributes to adapting to the academic worldview.

The process of acculturation can be a considerable challenge for students with cultural backgrounds far removed from the university learning environment While participation in the knowledge community is clearly identified as key to the process of acculturation, Northedge26 recognises that this is easier said than done.

This can be a challenging and fraught process for students from diverse backgrounds, struggling to adjust to participation in academic discourse which demands more intellectual rigour than the discourse of their professional or personal lives Bizzell acknowledges the nature of the academic worldview to dominate all others, and admits some students will likely find it difficult to maintain their affiliation with their home culture while immersing themself in the university culture.

Essay writing for students clanchy ballard

Specifically because of the background from which they come, these students already recognise that alternate worldviews exist and their challenge of acculturation is more obvious to approach than others coming from backgrounds that align them more closely with the academic worldview.

An entirely successful transition to the academic worldview is characterised by the capacity of a student to still connect with their home culture, still acknowledge their home worldview, yet remain deferential to the dominance of the university culture they have entered.

This transition can often be hampered by differences in styles and forms of communication of divergent cultures. Trudgen recounts a powerful story that illustrates the close relationship between language and worldview and how appreciating that relationship is central to achieving real understanding Through careful use of language and explanation of new concepts, Trudgen was able to compensate for the differences and incompatibilities between the two worldviews, resulting in improved comprehension for all parties In the context of university learning, Rankin argues that use of language and styles of discourse that are appropriate to the university culture are essential to the process of adopting the academic worldview.

Using the metaphor of a cultural iceberg, he illustrates that academic forms of communication contribute to the visible tip of university culture.


Yet this tip only represents the far greater bulk of the university culture lying below the surface, comprising the values, beliefs and worldview that support and drive academic pursuits slides Thus, in mastering the language and discourse representative of the academic worldview, a student is better equipped to engage in the ways of thinking that stimulate university learning.

According to Warrenpar. Rankinslides confirms that critical thinking is a key component of the academic worldview and identifies the attributes and necessary steps to engage with knowledge in this way.

Both Warrenpar.Essay Writing for Students, now in its third edition, has preserved the original serious, yet practical approach to academic writing.. Particular attention is paid to the central tasks of analysing a topic, reading, researching, planning, drafting and editing the final version of an essay or report.

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Essay writing for students clanchy ballard

It is a basic expectation for essay writing in the Arts and Social Sciences that your essays will be based on research. The following books are mostly for undergraduate students, however, they may prove beneficial to postgraduate students seeking advice and clear explanations of methodologies in their fields.

Ballard, B. & Clanchy, J. There are four common methods of referring to a source document in the text of an essay, thesis or assignment. These methods are direct quotation from another source, paraphasing or summarising material, and citing the whole of a source document.

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