Essays on contemporary american drama

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Essays on contemporary american drama

Contemporary Native American Drama Hanay Geiogamah is one of the currently popular Native American playwrights Essays on contemporary american drama mainly specialize in presenting Indian literary works.

Additionally, Hanay is also a renowned television and film producer, artistic director, and a Professor in the School of Theater, Film, and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Contemporary Native American drama, similar to the drama of other American minority groups, was conceived in the cultural revolution of the late s and early s, owing to the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement and the stoppage of the Vietnam War became obvious to most Americans.

As the perspective of a solitary dominant racial group let go its hold on the culture, the legitimacy and authority of other perspectives were taken into consideration. Drama was a potent instrument in this Cultural Revolution Stanlake In essence, the culture of Native Americans was generally uniquely dramatic and ritualistic in nature.

These traditions ranged from tales and chants to contemporary fiction and poetry.

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However, the extensive ignorance of the dramatic origins of Native American cultures together with printed word conditions has prevented a significant number of readers of Native American materials.

Plays of Native American drama origins are regularly dramatized. Particularly, Hanay mostly employs the combination of traditions and times while integrating native songs, rhythms, songs, together with words, and even moods when arranging and structuring modern drama.

Essays on contemporary american drama

The results of this approach comprise of highly informative and interesting performances. One of his conventionally dramatic plays is one titled Body Indian.

The play is categorized into five scenes that unfold in a single room and take place in a day. Each of the five scenes surrounds the mugging of bobby by his friends.


Bobby is a Native American character in the play who engages in drunkenness on a regular basis. Hanay is able to employ sight and sound effects at the scenes that are quite effective at unifying the play.

The sound and sight effects at the end of each scene heighten the generally naturalistic mood that climaxes with horror in the end with Bobby slumping forward in his traditional chair. Although the play lacks much character definition with the dialogue appearing to be forced, particularly when it is employed for expository purposes, there is a high level of skill that is employed in terms of its creation.

Some of its outstanding features include the Native American dialects that sound truly authentic and its repetitious stage rituals as well as gestures that are perfectly ritualistic.

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This ends up creating a striking dramatic impact. The short play portrays a group of Indians residing beyond the reservation specifically in Oklahoma. The group engages in heavy drinking while at this time singing and dancing amicably. The group seems to be content and happy despite the degradation and poverty that characterize their lives.

At the onset of the play, we find Bobby arriving with quite an amount of money and more wine. This is obviously after selling his allotment of reservation.

Essays on contemporary american drama

This highlights the lifestyle of the contemporary Native Americans living off the reservations who do not seem to make credible use of their reservation Geiogamah Another play is titled Foghorn. Additionally, the juxtaposition of both non-traditional and traditional features creates a striking effect.Oct 11,  · SOURCE: "Edward Albee: Playwright of Evolution," in Essays on Contemporary American Drama, edited by Hedwig Bock and Albert Wertheim, .

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