Hoffman extinction thesis

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Hoffman extinction thesis

I have always had a passion for theology in general and the studies of religions in general. Several years ago I discovered, quite by chance, a book written by Michael A. Reading that book, I felt that I wanted to find out much more and I ended up ordering and reading Michael A.

Needless to say, the book was also very controversial and elicited all sorts of negative reactions from various reviewers. Here I need to immediately begin by a disclaimer: What I can say is that his books are very well written, well researched, fully sourced and that I see no contradictions between what he wrote and the little I personally know about this topic.

Yet again, here was a very well researched and beautifully controversial book which gave me as strong desire to speak with the author and, luckily for me, Michael A. Hoffman II has kindly agree to replies to my questions to him on his life and research.

Hoffman extinction thesis

I am absolutely amazed at the width and depth of your research — could you please introduce yourself and then tell us how and where you acquired such a deep knowledge of topics which are almost never discussed nowadays and which the general public is almost totally unaware of?

Do you have formal degrees in theology or history, or are you self-taught?

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What made you decide to spend so much time and effort deeply delving into topics which are often considered obscure, arcane if not completely irrelevant by most of our contemporaries?

My maternal grandfather Joseph Palace, with whom I had many discussions in my youth, was an amateur revisionist historian. He had been a successful businessman and seemed to have inside information about national events.

He somehow knew in November that Joe Kennedy had bought the Chicago-area votes that helped swing the presidential election to his son Jack. He introduced me to other anomalies of history. I attended college in my native New York in the early s when the country was being torn apart by the Vietnam War and the change-of-era time.

Because I majored in political science and history, I was often at odds with many of my liberal professors—not due to their Leftism, but their tunnel vision and abhorrence of dissenting ideas, in spite of posing as dissenters. I was fortunate to find a few professors who were honest academics, particularly Francis J.

The result was my pamphlet, Masonic Assassination. I left the university and drifted around the country doing manual labor on farms and as a longshoreman. Further into the s I was writing for obscure publications like Fortean Times, where I became a columnist, and working as a reporter at radio stations, including one station that was an ABC News affiliate.

Eventually I was hired by Willis Carto to write a column for his paleo-conservative Spotlight newspaper, which in had nearlyreaders. I have been privileged ever since to lead the precarious life of an unaffiliated professional historian, while sometimes moonlighting as a copy editor for mainstream publications in the U.

What is your motivation in unearthing all these most interesting, but also long-forgotten, events and what gives you the courage to take on such powerful institution as organized Jewry and the Vatican?As a child, Jesse Owens had been chronically ill, destined it seemed to fulfill Hoffman's extinction thesis.

Until a teacher intervened. Prudential and Hoffman aimed to turn the racial fantasy of the extinction hypothesis into hard scientific numbers that could be deployed for both short- and long-term ends.

In the short term, they helped stop the progress of anti-discrimination legislation.

Hoffman extinction thesis

Overland. Claude Cox, who had made a three wheel vehicle for his senior year thesis at the Ross Polytechnic Institute and Charles Minshall, owner of Standard Wheel Co. of Terre Haute, IN, met one day in , to discuss Minshall's desire to build an automobile.


Is the Negro Threatened with Extinction? Before Mr. Hoffman's conclusion as to the threatening aspect of the high death rate of the Negro race can be accepted, several questions must be answered by him. Movie reviews, news and features from critics and reporters of The New York Times.

Atheists often lose public debates with theists, especially when going up against heavyweights like William Lane Craig.. I don’t know of an atheist losing a debate to someone who denies evolution.

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