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The Apollo Fertility Centre celebrates one year of establishment on September 23rd and has much to be proud of - the centre has already given hope to many with a milestone achievement of a total of successful IVF pregnancies and 10 precious bundles of joy born within their first year itself!

Ivob bioscience writers

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E 14 MicroCap Review Magazine ver since the Internet advertising market began to surge, programmatic and real-time bidding RTB technologies have become the main drivers of continued and exponential growth in the sector.

Yet over the past few years, the marketing landscape has transformed in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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The ability to buy digital media instantly, the stratospheric rise of social media, and the power to analyze and use unprecedented amounts of digital data have all contributed to this seismic shift. To succeed in this booming but competitive landscape, companies must have the perfect combination of technologies and data strategies.

Focused on delivering tools that automate data-driven marketing campaigns, SRAX is an advertising technology company positioned to seize the massive opportunities offered by the digital shift. CEO Christopher Miglino has been in the advertising technology landscape for decades.

Since then, Miglino has moved the company forward, thanks in large part to his ability to assess and capture the rapidly growing, fragmented RTB and social media market. Following this achievement, the company further strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of J.

Inmanagement has realigned the sales team to focus on high margin revenue, which improved margin from 32 percent for to 56 percent for the second quarter of In fact, programmatic digital display ad spend is set to grow exponentially, reaching 82 percent of total digital display ad spend byaccording to eMarketer.

SRAX thrives in this environment by engaging a diverse customer base developed from both sides of the programmatic market: For brands, agencies and buy-side partners, SRAX maximizes returns on digital inventory across devices in real time. This solid foothold with prominent agencies serving various verticals — healthcare, auto, consumer goods and sports represents a significant opportunity for the company in the digital space since each could evolve into a standalone business.

In AugustThe SRAXmd healthcare platform came to life to service a market need for true advertising automation and innovation within the digital healthcare space. The industry standard of reaching doctors by buying ads in specific medical journals or apps was limited in scale.

ivob bioscience writers

In this context, healthcare IT products are the most advanced verticals served by the SRAX digital media management platform. Social Data and Programmatic Technology: The Winning Combination While most companies now use social media to gain customer insight and generate brand awareness, few have been able to marry this to the advantages offered by programmatic and RTB technologies.

Over the few years SRAX has succeeded in developing solutions that directly meet this need: The tool is the first of numerous planned monetization opportunities developed and integrated into the SRAX Social platform.Review and analyse the latest and historical Dividends information for INVO BIOSCIENCE INC.

The Digital Issue of the Fall MicroCap Review Magazine, The Official Magazine for the MicroCap Stock Market, can be read on barnweddingvt.com LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, / SNN Incorporated, a global multimedia financial news and publishing company focused on the MicroCap.

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The Fall issue of MicroCap Review, includes new content from our list of expert writers and opinion leaders, as well as featured articles on public MicroCap and private emerging growth.

May 30,  · And they over-do it with the "bitter infertile" trope and I find myself angry with the writers for it. But damn, it's a good show! The acting is just phenomenal. any publicly traded companies do IVF related stuff and it just so happens that that INVOcell technology is part of INVO Bioscience company (IVOB).

Their stock is only about $ INVO Bioscience Inc's EBITDA per Share for the three months ended in Sep. was $ Its EBITDA per share for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ended in Sep.

was $ During the past 3 years, the average EBITDA per Share Growth Rate was % per year. This issue of MicroCap Review, includes new content from expert writers and commentators, like Len Haussler, Rick Rule, Alan Brochstein and Steven Shelton, as well as featuring articles on public.

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