Kids writing a newspaper article

Grab a couple of old newspapers to use as a guide. Spend some time leafing through the pages, talking about the different kinds of articles that you see.

Kids writing a newspaper article

Below is a list of steps I recommend if you plan on teaching writing news articles for kids. They should know that this means the news is meant to: This is also a great time to talk with kids about how there are different forms of news articles such as weather, sports, investigative and more.

This is best done by examining a newspaper together. This would make for a nice introduction. Go through each features with students, talk about why they are important and how they help the reader.

Then, take to some actual newspapers and have students find these features for themselves. Taken from Lessons With Laughter Study News Articles and Features Put all your useful discussions about news articles to good use by examining many different articles as a class.

The more exposure students have to various articles, the better of an understanding they will have when constructing meaning based on them.

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Here are some ideas: After reading a news article, have students list the appropriate details in this graphic organizer. This is meant to reinforce the main component of a news article, which is: Have students comb through a newspaper and cut and paste words and pictures to make a wacky news story of their own.

This exercise is only meant to get students exploring news features such as caption, headline, picture, quotes, etc. This is not meant to reinforce the notion of non-fiction, since their story will obviously be goofy and fake: Unlike a story, that has a dramatic climax in the middle or end, a news article is meant to start off with the most climactic information.

Review all of the lessons used to get to this point: Then, have students find an event they would like to write about. To make it easier for students, give them a broad range of topics such as past or present events, private or public events for example: This is a basic, yet very useful graphic organizer to get students thinking about the essential details of their article.

This is a crucial first step to any article writing your students may do. Taken from 2nd Grade Stuff Once your students have completed the first graphic organizer, have them move on to this pre-writing plan, which allows them to think in more elaborate details. Taken from Pinkadots Elementary Finally, when students are ready to write, provide them with some realistic news article paper.

This will help students get excited about writing and displaying their work.3 Keys to Teaching Kids to Write. Here are some lessons from the science of how to teach writing, but teachers aren't using them.

kids writing a newspaper article

Next, students read the directions for writing the first newspaper article and write the headline for their first article. First Draft Worksheets #3 and #4: On these two worksheets, students write their two newspaper articles.

Just a few pages from your newspaper can be turned into lots of early learning activities. Here you'll find "letters and words" activities for the youngest, plus fun writing prompts and tips on how to read and analyze the news for older kids.

Writing newspaper articles covers a wide range of teaching topics, from brainstorming, interviewing and drafting to revising and editing. Students learn to write for . Unit: Writing a News Article (middle school) 1 of 10 Includes the main elements of a news article, writing headlines, writing a lead, story sequencing, differences between fact and opinion all the basic aspects of news writing are included in this 15 page multiple-skill unit.

Most newspaper articles break down into two categories: News articles; Feature articles; You will also find opinion pieces, like editorials and book and movie reviews.

But this lesson deals strictly with news and feature articles. Here's how you can tell the difference between a news story and a feature story.

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