No gay news is good news

Olympic delegation by President Obama last month. Calling himself "a private guy," Boitano told The Associated Press on Thursday that he never planned to come out.

No gay news is good news

Pretending is a lot of work, especially if you have to do it all the time. And it has other drawbacks as well.


It keeps us from forming genuine, deep relationships. He had some choice things to say to the Pharisees who were very good at this game. The Good News is that God loves you just as you are.

He loves you just where you are. He would have come to die for just you if you were the only one who needed saving. In fact He went to the trouble of picking a feeble little woman to be spokesperson for Him in order to give you that message.

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Christ would have died for one soul in order that that one might live through the eternal ages. Not only do you not have to pretend that you are straight. In fact, according to my observation, being homosexually oriented and finally admitting it and turning it over to God gives you an advantage over most of the straight members in your congregation.

Right beside you, close enough so you can cling to Him. Why does that give you an advantage over most of the members in your church?

Because none of us can make it without clinging to Christ for dear life. But if you struggle with sexual sins you know you need to cling to God. This little life here is a drop in the bucket of eternity. How do I know? But after dying comes resurrection and walking in newness of life with Jesus Christ.

Sure, we stumble and even fall every now and then even after we enter into the new life. But He does not cast us off or forsake us.

No gay news is good news

One of our GLOWfriends members wrote it up nicely several years ago. And the Good News is that you can begin right now!! We enter into the Kingdom right here and now, even though we must wait for the Second Coming to experience all of its fullness.

But even a taste of His Kingdom is a whole lot better than anything the world has to offer. What have you got to lose? What do you have to give up, except a poor, sin-polluted heart? God will never ask you to give up anything that is in your best interest to keep.

The excitement in the world that kept you from being overwhelmed with loneliness is shown up for the poor substitute it really is once you get just one glimpse of our dear Lord Jesus. Begin today, right now, to walk with Him.

Take me and mold me into your image. Keep me close to Yourself and show me the way to go, for I do not know the way.Breaking News: Shooter in Custody following shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue October 27, By Steven DeNoon 1 Comment Police are on the scene in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, police have warned, for people to stay away from the area because the situation is still active.

On a post about super-gay Internet sensation Brendan Jordan, the wonderfully flamboyant young queen who rose to fame last year for voguing in the background of a local news report, a Slate. Today, I made a final decision to stop watching Shepard Smith, one of many news anchors at Fox News Channel (FNC).

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Deloitte, CPA Get Taken to the Woodshed in Hong Kong. Sep 18,  · Sept. 18, -- Nearly one in 10 men who say they're straight have sex only with other men, a New York City survey finds.

And 70% of those straight-identified men .

Brian Boitano: I never intended to reveal I'm gay - CBS News