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Amazon claims to have nailed them.

Readwrite adriana lee

So, I was denied by Twitter. Good case, I guess since the kid has never tweeted. But it was worth a shot. Let us know in the comments section below. There are some good discussions happening down there with more on the story. But now you notice a problem. Maybe your name is Bob Smith or Mary Jones.

It just sits there. The account just sits in the dark with nothing to offer.

readwrite adriana lee

But thanks to a post on ReadWriteWebthere may be some good news regarding Twitter squatting. If you follow a few steps after having a few ducks in a row, you may have some luck. Here are the steps this user got to work for him. However, Twitter has seemed to have tightened their policies on impersonation claims, but it may be worth a shot.

Gather Evidence of Impersonation When this article was originally published, it was easier to liberate an account for a name you controlled, even if there was no clear evidence of impersonation.

readwrite adriana lee

If it was a blank account that was just squatting on your name, this technique could still work. But Twitter recently began rejecting impersonation claims submitted without documented evidence of actual impersonation.

So before you file an impersonation claim with Twitter, make sure you have at least some of the following: Specific descriptions of content or behavior impersonating you A link to a page on your website containing an image owned by you that the impersonating account is using A link to one or more tweets in which this account is actively misleading people by claiming to be you Step 2: For example, the Twitter handle I wanted was emotikonwhich is the name of my musical projects.

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If you already have a Twitter account with an alternative name, and you just want to change its name to the one you want, skip step 2. The handle can be anything you want. I called mine emotikonTEMP.Contact details and recent articles for Adriana Lee, ReadWrite (email and Twitter).

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Adriana's fascination with tech started in childhood. After winning a Radio Shack TRS in a raffle, her brother pushed her away from the proto-computer, taunting "Tech's not for girls.

HTC, Sony and Felix and Paul Studios discuss the potential and challenges of VR. 10 Things You Need To Know About The Amazon Fire TV adriana lee / 03 Apr / Play Amazon has put Apple TV, Roku and Google’s Chromecast in its crosshairs with its new Fire TV streaming device.

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