Scar tissue book review

I just can't believe the things he revealed and I also am stunned his has lived through his drug use. Found this to be very interesting and sheds a lot of light on why he is the way he is. This book affects you on an almost visceral level. It's hard to put down, but so dense and packed with emotion that you have to put it down periodically in order to absorb it.

Scar tissue book review

DNF 55 pages I just can't do this.

Scar tissue book review

I can't listen to this egotistical asshat talk about himself and how his awesome dipshit of a father hand fed him pot and quaaludes at age 11 and "introduced" him to sex at age 12 by letting him bang his Dad's 18 year old girlfriend. Because better than everyone else.

Here is a quote to show you what reading this is like: I'd go tho their houses and see their dads come home from their office buildings and not have any time or energy or compassion for their kids. They just sat their and drank their whiskey and smoked their cigars and read their paper and went to bed.

That didn't seem like a much better option.

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Trying to get some sleep so I'd be rested for school the next day while people were having sex on the couch and shooting cocaine and cranking the stereo was definitely not a mundane reality. But it was mine.

On school nights, I'd stay home, but Spider [aka Dad] would be right at his power table at the Rainbow. And his Dad is taking him to the Rainbow Room, giving him drugs on the weekend, and sleeping until 2pm with his underage girlfriends.

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But don't worry, he leaves him bus money to get school and a skateboard to get home - the skateboard making him a better more awesome skater than the famed Lords of Dogtown, by the way. I would feel bad for the poor guy for having such a waste of a parent, but all he does is wax poetic about how awesome Dad was and he is such a little badass for being made into Daddy's little drug mule as a prepubescent.

The way he talks about his early and rampant drug use is prideful versus caution tale-esque. And don't even get me started out how he talks about women and sex. The way he tells us about his earliest sexual exploits sounded less like a suave ladies man and more like a desperate band geek trying to convince the flute section that he had a threesome with two Brazilian models the night prior.

Scar Tissue by Michael Ignatieff

I've decided to stop here before I hate all the Peppers' music forever as a result.The first quarter of this book is a hair-raising adventure. Kiedis is a kid who is born and raised to party; his father is a drug dealing hippie who lives with a stable full of groupies and that sums up the kid’s life.

Scar Tissue is one of the best books i have ever read. Anthony Kiedis is completely open and honest with the reader, he does not hold back any information. This book gives you an inside look at the bands' accomplishments and struggles.

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Scar Tissue is told simply and gets to the point, but is a great accomplishment at the same time. Anthony focuses on events in his life and puts his feelings into the book how they would’ve been.

Scar tissue book review

Jun 03,  · Scar Tissue: This uniquely action-packed look at the grieving process is a twist on the medical thriller. Not for the faint of heart, "Scar Tissue" explores the highs and lows of life after tragedy strikes.

Setting her novel amid a compelling hospital 4/4. Scar Tissue is a story of dedication and debauchery, of intrigue and integrity, of recklessness and redemption--a story that could only have come out of the world of /5().

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